Poll Workers

Being a Galveston County Election Worker


Galveston County frequently needs temporary part-time help to staff polling places during Early Voting and on Election Day, to serve on Early Voting Ballot Boards and on Central Count, and other positions.



Participate in setting up the polling place, checking in and processing voters, completing required forms, assisting voters, aiding the election judge as necessary, and breaking down the polling place along with other activities.


Take full responsibility for the polling place including managing clerks, overseeing procedures, serving voters, completing paperwork, and maintaining the integrity of the voting process in all respects. Judges and alternates will also take charge of receiving and retuning election equipment.


In order to serve as a Poll Worker an individual must be a registered voter in Galveston County, and within the jurisdiction conducting the election in the case of municipalities, school boards, etc. Extra consideration will be given to English/Spanish bi-linguals.


There is a General Election of some sort every November. Primaries are usually conducted in March of even numbered years. Local elections are often conducted in May. Sometimes school tax elections are held during other months. There are potential run offs for most elections involving candidates. Workers are generally recruited 2 to 5 times a year and sometimes more. Working elections requires a time commitment ranging from one day to two full weeks.


Galveston County is a Vote Center county. That means that workers may be asked to serve anywhere in the county. The attempt is made to keep workers in the communities where they live whenever possible.


Election workers are paid $12 per hour. All election workers are required to attend approximately 4 hours of training and will be compensated for that time in most cases. Overtime at $18 per hour is paid for over 40 hours in a work week by the county’s pay period.


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