Elections Division
Office of the County Clerk
409) 770-5108

Dates and Deadlines
Last day to receive applications for Ballots by Mail:
Last business day at least 11 days before Election Day.

First day to apply for Annual Ballot by Mail:
January 1st
OR 60 days prior to an election scheduled in January or February

Ballots will be mailed:
Within one business day of the completion of ballot programming
OR within one business day of processing the completed application.
Exclamation Point

In order to be considered for counting, mail ballots must be received:
By the close of polls on Election Day
-OR- by the first day following Election Day if postmarked before close of polls on Election Day (non-military or military using a regular Application for Ballot by Mail)
Overseas ballots - by last mail delivery on the fifth day after Election Day (must be postmarked by Election Day)
-OR- on the sixth day after Election Day if application was made using a "Federal Post Card Application." (must be postmarked by Election Day)

Mail Ballots delivered by hand will not be considered for counting unless delivered by the VOTER to the ELECTIONS DIVISION (see Contact Us) during polling hours on ELECTION DAY