Elections Division
Office of the County Clerk
409) 770-5108

How to Apply for a Ballot by Mail
  Download and print the application.
  Return the completed and signed application:
Vote By Mail Icon

Mail to:

Attn: Ballots by Mail
C/O Dwight Sullivan
Galveston County Clerk
P.O. Box 17253,
Galveston, TX 77552-7253
  *OR, FAX to: (409)765-3249
Please Note:
Application must be signed!
Annual Application must be marked, if desired.
Reason for the request must be marked.
For Primaries only: Party must be indicated.

*OR, E-mail:

Attach a scanned copy of your completed application to the e-mail.

*For FAX or e-mail: The original must still be mailed to our office.

  Check here for other Texas Early Voting Clerks if you are not a Galveston County Voter.