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County-wide Vote Centers
What are "County-wide Vote Centers?"

County-wide Vote Centers are election day polling places that are not precinct specific. They function the same as all early voting locations. That means if you live on Galveston Island but work in Texas City you can vote at any of the Island's voting locations or, if it is more convenient, you could just pop out for lunch in Texas City and vote there. Or if you live in Friendswood but work at UTMB, on election day you can vote your ballot right there on campus! No matter which Election Day polling place you choose, your ballot will be the same.

Galveston County was instrumental in getting the use of Countywide Vote Centers approved by the state legislature for all general elections. We have been a Vote Center county since 2012, after testing the process in a couple of previous elections. In 2014 we expanded our use of Countywide Vote Centers to both the Primary and local Entity elections. At this time, all of our elections are done this way unless circumstances require a precinct-specific approach.