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How Do I Become an Election Worker?
THE NEED: In a normal November countywide election cycle we need about 500 election workers to staff the polls at the Early Voting and Election Day locations.
WHAT ELECTION WORKERS DO? Clerks: Clerks do a variety of tasks; everything from checking in voters, verifying their identification and their address, determining if a voter needs to complete any forms before voting, and issuing access codes that allow a voter to vote.

Judges: The Presiding Judge of the polling place is responsible for all activities in the voting location. This includes assigning the responsibilities of the clerks, answering voter's questions, ensuring that there is no electioneering taking place, handling provisional ballots, and overseeing the administrative duties. Unlike other election workers, the Presiding Judge has the same authority as a District Court Judge.

All election workers help with preparing the polls for voting, setting up the voting equipment, opening and closing the polling location, helping demonstrate the use of the voting equipment, and help in assisting voters.

DO I QUALIFY TO BE AN ELECTION WORKER? If you are a registered voter in Galveston County then you are qualified to serve as an election worker. During local entity elections, workers must live within one of the jurisdictions that have contracted with us to conduct their election.

We are particularly looking for election workers who are conversant in both English and Spanish.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE ELECTIONS IN WHICH I MIGHT SERVE? Galveston County is responsible for conducting elections in November of each year. In odd numbered years we normally conduct Constitutional Amendment elections. In even numbered years the elections can include either the Gubernatorial or Presidential race. In the even numbered years we also are responsible for Early Voting in the Primary and Primary Runoff elections.

Local entities also contract with the County Elections Division to conduct their elections. These types of elections are often held in May but can be held jointly with us during a November election.
WHERE WILL I WORK? That could depend upon the type of election and upon you! In a countywide Vote Center election, you could be asked to serve anywhere in the County. That said, we prefer to use workers who live in the community served by their various polling location.
WILL I GET PAID? When you work in an election for which the County is responsible you will be paid $10 per hour if you attend election worker training. For a typical Election Day, a worker will be paid about $130. If a worker is serving during Early Voting the amount of pay could be as much as $1,100. Workers also get paid to attend training.
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