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Electronic Voting Systems

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In 2005 Galveston County started the process of moving from paper ballots to using electronic voting. Over the next couple of years the county started phasing out paper ballots entirely, which is where we are today.

Beginning with the Primary Elections in March 2006, the Hart Voting System was used to replace the optical scanning system.

Here are some things you may want to know about our system:

It is secure: Nobody can stuff the ballot box. There are so many safeguards built into this system and our process that if someone tried to manipulate the vote they would be discovered! In addition, none of the equipment used to program the ballots or to tabulate the vote count is connected to the Internet or any external network. It is a fully contained and encrypted system that keeps it from being hacked!

It is accurate: Whatever decision a voter makes in the voting booth is what is recorded. Experience has shown that when a recount of the vote is asked for, the electronic result has not changed.

It is accessible: The Hart Disabled Assess Unit (DAU) eSlate voting equipment meets all the Federal accessiblity requirements allowing people who have mobility and vision issues to vote, and to do so with dignity while protecting their privacy.

It is bilingual: As required by Federal statute, our Hart eSlate voting equipment provides the voter a choice of English or Spanish. In addition our DAU eSlates also allow the voter to hear the ballot through headphones in either language.

Are you interested in learning more about our electronic voting equipment and how to use it? Watch this useful video.


How to use the Hart Voting Machine Spanish Version