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Countywide Vote Centers

Countywide Vote Centers are election day polling places that are not precinct specific. That means a Galveston County Voter can cast his or her ballot at any of the Election Day polling locations.

In November 2009 Galveston County attempted to conduct a Vote Center election. We did it again in 2011 successfully. The next year we were able to get the State Legislature to allow counties like ours that have conducted successful countywide vote center elections to do it in all General Elections, provide Commissioners Court agrees. Each election cycle we ask the County Commissioners for permission to use vote centers and they continue to grant our request.

In the 2013 legislative session permisssion was granted to also conduct local and primary elections as countywide vote centers. In 2014 we did so, and the voters loved it. They have now become used to this kind of voting. In fact, in a recent local election we were forced to hold the old precinct-specific elections and many Election Day voters were confused as to why they needed to go to another pollling location in order to cast their Election Day ballot!

The use of countywide vote centers is a Win-Win for everyone. It is more convenient for voters and it costs the county less money to run elections because we use fewer but more centrally located polling places.

But we still want to hear from you and your experience with this kind of voting.