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This is an ARCHIVED PAGEThe 2014 Primary Runoff Election
This is an Archived Page from May 2014
The 2014 Primary Runoff election is being conducted as a Countywide Vote Center Election which means that as a registered voter in Galveston County you may go to any Election Day polling location within the county to cast your ballot.

If you voted in the March 4th Primary and you want to vote in the Runoff you MUST vote for candidates of the same party affiliation as the one you voted previously. You may not switch parties. If you did not vote in the March 4th Primary you may vote in either the Republican or the Democrat Primary Runoff Election but not both.

Early Voting Polling Locations Election Day Polling Locations Sample Ballots
Locations Checked In
(Election Night)
Election Results
(Election Night)
Final Results Canvass Report POLLING PLACES CHECKED IN
The Secretary of State had inspectors on site at our polling places during this election.
Here is a report of what they observed!