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May 2014 -- The Local Entity Elections
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NOTICE:  Something New! "For the first time, Galveston County will be conducting the local entity elections as a countywide vote center election. This means that as a registered voter in one of the local jurisdictions holding an election you may go to any of our polling locations on Election Day and cast your vote. Just choose the polling place that is most convenient to you! If you are eligible to vote in more than one jurisdiction (e.g., WCID 12 and the City of Kemah or Galveston College and the City of Galveston) then the races from both jurisdictions will appear on one ballot. Just check in once and cast your ballot! It's as easy as that!

No more going to multiple locations, having multiple sign in's and multiple ballots!

- This year Dickinson ISD did not contract with Galveston County. If you want to vote in that election you should contact DISD directly to determine your polling locations. In some cases, in order to vote in all the contests for which you are eligible, you may need to go to more than one polling place and sign in twice.
- Clear Creek ISD also conducts its own elections, choosing not to participate in the Galveston County countywide vote center election. Consequently, if you live in the WCID 12 or City of Kemah jurisdictions you will also need to go to two separate polling locations, sign in twice, and cast two separate ballots if you want to vote in all the races for which you are eligible.
- Senate District 4: Because the Secretary of State's office is requiring us to upload a voter history file for this specific race to its TEAM database this requires us to conduct this as a separate election. However, since it only involves the Bolivar Peninsula, you may vote in both the countywide vote center election AND the SD-4 election at the same polling place, which is the Joe Faggard Community Center in Crystal Beach.


Jurisdictions Participating in the Galveston County Countywide Vote Center Election:
- Galveston College
- The City of Galveston
- The City of Jamaica Beach
- MUD 12
- The City of Bayou Vista
- WCID 19 (Hitchcock)
- Hitchcock ISD
- Galveston Drainage District 1 (Santa Fe)
- The City of La Marque
- La Marque ISD
- The City of Texas City
- San Leon MUD
- The City of Kemah
- WCID 12 (Kemah & Clear Lake Shores)

Early Voting Polling Places

Polling Places Checked In
(Election Night)

Election Day Polling Places

Election Results
(Includes Provisional Votes)

Sample Ballots
Please Note: If you are registered to vote in a part of the county that is not holding an election OR if there are no contested races, then there is no ballot for you to vote and you will get an error message that tells you your information is not found.
  Senate District 4 Results
(Election Night)
Senate District 4 ballot