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Galveston County Elections Calendar 2014

We thought it might be helpful and instructive to let our customers know what we are doing in a calendar format. UPDATED: May 15, 2014
MAY 2014
  1 Entity Election early voting continues 8-5
Last day to receive an application for a ballot by mail
2 Entity Election early voting continues 8-5 3 Polls Closed
4 Polls Closed 5 Entities: Polls open 7 - 7 6 Entities: Last Day of Early Voting: 7-7 7 Pick up EV equipment from Entity election locations 8 9 Entities: Election Judges pick up election day kits and equipment 10 Entity Election Day Polls open 7-7
11 12 Provisional ballots from entity election delivered to the Voter Registrar 13 14 15 Primary Runoff Election Worker Training 16 Deadline to "Cure" Voter ID provisional ballots (Entity Election)
Last Day to accept ballot by mail applications (Runoff)
17 Entity Early Voting Ballot Board meets evening of the 16th OR on the 17th to consider provisional ballots
18 19 First Day of early voting for the Primary Runoff Election
Polls open 7-7
20 Entity Runoff Ballot Draw Info due to County Elections 21 Program the Entity Runoff Ballot send for proofing 22 Entity Runoff Ballots agreed to by entities

23 Last Day of early voting for the Primary Runoff election
Entity Runoff L&A Test run

24 Elections Division staff transitions equipment to Election Day Mode
25 26 County Holiday
Primary Runoff Judges pick up Election Day equipment
27 Primary Runoff Election Day
Polls open 7-7
28 Provisional ballots sent to the Voter Registrar 28 30 31
JUNE 2014
1 2 Last day for provisional voters with Voter ID related ballots to "cure" their ballot 3 Early Voting Ballot Board meets to consider provisional ballots 4 5 6 Early Voting Judges pick up Early Voting election equipment 7




9 Entity Runoff Early Voting Starts 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 10 Early Voting Continues 11 Early Voting Continues 12 Last Day to receive a Ballot by Mail Application 13 Early Voting Continues
8 a.m.-5 p.m.
14 Polls Closed

15 Polls Closed



16 Entity Runoff Early Voting Continues 7a.m.-7p.m. 17 Last Day of the Entity Runoff Election
18 Early Voting Ballot Board [EVBB] Meets (Signature Verification) 19 EVBB continues work; Central Count [CC] -Accepted Ballots by Mail Scanned 20 Distribute Election Day Equipment to Election Judges 21 Entity Runoff Election Day 7a.m.-7p.m.




23 Provisional Ballots Delivered to Voter Registrar for Research and review 24 25 26

27 Last Day to "Cure" a Voter ID - related Provisional Ballot...
Provisional Ballots delivered to County Elections Off.

28 EVBB meets to review Provisional Ballots
CC Updates Tally & runs canvas rept.